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2 NICE SAPI Ceramic 10"x12" Curved Bullet Proof Armor Plates NIJ Level 3 III
This is a NICE pair of 2.6 lbs. (each) ceramic plates. Compare them to heavy AR500! I purchased several of these 10" x 12" curved rifle rated body armor plates, and many other items from a preppers estate. I shot one of these to test, . The one I shot stopped two 5.56 XM193, two- 5.56 M855 (steel core penetrator), and stopped one 30.06 (165gr SP). ...  More
POINT BLANK Body Armor Interceptor Base Vest Outershell XL 45" - 49" Chest 8 pcs
1 Point Blank Body Armor Interceptor Bass Vest Outershell & Helmet Vest Size Extra Large, Chest 45-49 (2004 Desert Storm Use) 1 Helmet Pasgt L Book Included & 4 Dorsal Axillary Protection Systems & 2 Dorsal Axillary Protection Systems (see pics) 8 Pieces all together in 3 Blend Desert Camouflage Color Vest Used with some tears to back s ...  More
Interceptor Flak Jacket Point Blank Soft Kevlar Body Armor
This is an Interceptor model Body Armor vest identical in brand and quality like I wore in the Marines in Iraq in the early 2000's. The vest has all protective add-ons. These include a groin protector, throat protector, and collar. All of the buttons snap, and the Velcro is in good condition. Pouches are included on the vest. There are two double m ...  More
Point Blank 5X8 steel trauma plate insert bulletproof body armor insert plate
This is a unused New Point Blank 5X8 steel trauma plate insert. Has white mark across the front of plate that is little over an inch. Reduces blunt trauma by effectively dispersing the energy from a bullet impact. 100% steel construction, this trauma plate inserts into the front pocket of the carrier to adsorb and disperse trauma. Constructed with ...  More
PPE Trauma Plate Speed Plate Body Armor 7x9 Polyethylene
Purchased two and have only used one, this has never been worn. New at Galls for $145.00.The PPE Speed Plate is a lightweight polyethylene plate designed to be inserted into concealable body armor, is special threat tested to the NIJ 0108.01 standard and is available in Male and Female designs.Manufactured using polyethyleneMulti-curve design for i ...  More
Body Armor Plates Level III ++++
Selling Brand new un used 2 Strike Face Plates Medium size Level 3 +++++++ plates Measures 10x12 manufactured in the U.S. by Tactical Armor Products Model: Gamma Plus made in the U. S Military Specs I reapeat never used 2 signs off sitting around in storage. Please feel free in contacting me with any questions. Thank you, B & A International In ...  More
Body Armor - Stab Vest - Vestfriend
Vestfriend Body Armor is thrilled to announce: Canada's number one selling safety vest for over a decade is now available in the U.S.A! Up for auction is one (any size) Vestfriend Low Profile Black. IMPORTANT INFO - Made in Canada using North American materials - Cordura fabric carrier - 1/8" brand name shatter proof polycarbonite armor plating - L ...  More
SDS BAE Systems RBAV-SF Releasable Body Armor Vest Ranger Green RLCS - Size SML
This Plate Carrier is in fair condition, but great for contractors working overseas. light weight, easy release. this plate carrier comes with, 3 Mags Pouches, and a Radio Connector.
Second Chance BODY ARMOR Body Armor Level II Bullet Proof Vest Small-med, reg.
Level III Armor Vest Plates (Front & Rear Steel)

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