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BULLETPROOF Block Spall 1Trauma Plate Level IIA 10x12 Panels Body Armor Kevlar
The spall stopper Deluxe This 10x12" BULLETPROOF INSERT soft inserts are stand-alone level IIA Re Purposed vest plates PRICE is for 1 PLATE, PLATE BACKER 10x12" insert, These 10x12 soft inserts are stand alone level IIA and milstd fragmentation rated construction. Great for handgun and frag protection in any plate carrier with 10x12" pockets. And i ...  More
NEVER USED ABSOLUTELY BRAND NEW! DIGITAL COLOUR! VEST WITH APRON!APRON WITHOUT STEEL PLATE !(if you need plate ask me)2TH (second) SIZE ! THIS IS NOT A REPLICA!Included in the kit to protect the security of crew members of armored vehicles from the effects of damaging elements encountered in tank crew compartment, and from thermal effects. Weight, ...  More
46 Asst. Body Armor panels Level II Great for shooting, shoot barrel etc
USED LEVEL II Lot of 46 assorted panels VARIOUS SIZES you might find one or two that fit your body shape or make your own shoot barrel with them! FEATURES: --- Tested in the US by NIJ certified lab, Level II --- Vest panels PRODUCT INFO: --- It complies with NIJ II, 0101.03 standard. --- NIJ LEVEL II --- Made with premium grade ARAMID fibers for be ...  More
one new unused multicam body armor plate carrier / magazine pouch chest rig with quick detach capabilities. a total of seven magazine pouches, (five double stack) all of which have detachable velcro strips to accommodate magazine height. The end pouches have elastic draw strings. 7.5" by 9.5" pouch on upper portion, back plate carrier pouch has sep ...  More
Point Blank Body Armor Size Large Base Vest Carrier
Up for auction today is a used military worn vest this item does have wear and tear te size of the vest is Large(L) .. Any questions please ask and happy bidding..
Silent Partner Bulletproof Vest Body Armor Custom Made With Trauma Plate Insert
Custom Made Silent Partner Body Armor Vest With Steel Trauma Plate Insert!!!! Up for auction is another nice find from a gunsmiths estate. In this auction is a custom made Silent Partner Bullet Proof Vest. The vest will fit a XXL person and the exact size measurement are shown in the pictures. The vest comes complete with original Steel Trauma Inse ...  More
POINT BLANK Body Armor Interceptor CAMO Camouflage VEST Med
Military issueSize medium Chest 37"-41"Base vest outershellUsedDoes not come with inserts, vest onlyUsed, good condition.
Ballistic armor carrier, size medium-long, Diamondback Tactical, used
For bid is one (1) used Diamondback Tactical ballistic armor carrier. OD Green color, bought new but never used. Great condition. Photos speak for themselves. Made in U.S.A. NO ARMOR INCLUDED. Auction is for carrier only. No zero or private feedback bidders. Will NOT ship outside the U.S.A.
Galls body armor level 3A
Level III-A Ballistic Body Armor 23/19 23/20 Zip front Press Model M1234 EUC

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